Medium Voltage Metal Clad Switchgear

Medium Voltage  Metal Clad Switchgear
• Product code: S24
• Product Groups: MV switchgears
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Hotline: 0913090256

�Rated short-time (to withstand current ): 3sec. 4sec*
�Rated operating sequence: O-0.3s-CO-3min-CO
�Type test level: M2, E2 (List3), C2
�Electrical and mechanical life: 20,000 operations
�Various cradle: K and H type
�CB Compartment for MCSG available
�A variety of control power
- DC 48V, DC 110V, DC 125V, DC 220V
- AC 48V, AC 110V, AC 220V
�A variety of accessories
- VCB part: UVT, Secondary trip coil, Latch checking switch, Position
switch, Locking magnet, Plug interlock, Key lock, Button cover,
Button padlock, Padlock (H type Door interlock), MOC
- Cradle part: MOC (Mechanical Operated Cell switch), TOC (Truck
Operated Cell switch), Temperature sensor, Earthing switch &
accessaries, Door, Door interlock, Door emergency button
- Others: Racking in/out handle, Lifting hook, UVT Time delay
controller, CTD (Condensor Trip Device), Temperature module
�Standards and certification
- IEC62271-100 (2008) [M2, C2, E2 (List3)]
- KEMA, KERI type tested, V-check (KESCO) certification

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